Motor Vehicle Transportation

The FleetWizard solution for motor vehicle transportation is a variation of our core TMS. Suitable for full load distribution of new finished vehicles and salvage/recovery activity. Order management is adapted to suit the requirements of the motor trade.

By capturing and recording key vehicle characteristics comprehensive audit trail is available for any movement. The specialised mobile working application that sits alongside this product ensures full compliance with delivery criteria and records vehicle condition throughout the journey.

Features – Motor Vehicle Transportation

Integration with leading manufacturers available e.g. BMW, Jaguar
Create & Email Quotations
Multiple activities catered for e.g. port to dealer, factory to port, factory to dealer etc
Comprehensive tariff and Cost management functionality
Planning can be drag & drop or map based with operational constraints built into the model
Detailed non-conformance functionality embedded to allow for complete audit trail against any consignment.
Interface to accounts software
Track PDA, or integration with existing tracking and telematics available


Benefits – Real bottom line impact

Smooth claim management process via comprehensive audit trail
Cost savings and increased efficiency by standardising processes and reduction in planning time
Remove reliance on spreadsheets and manually produced documentation
Flexible reporting suite providing key management information

As the system is modular, you can add the Mobile Working application and/or Customer Web Portal to your solution:

cwp_darkCustomer Web Portal

The CWP is a “one stop shop” for customer service operatives and your clients where a myriad of information is available at your fingertips. Fed in real time by our other applications the CWP provides the most accurate and concise view of order progress to ensure your clients are up to speed.


Profile and password driven
Deployed using your livery & logos
Add/Edit jobs
Route / Job tracking allows you and your customers to see progress against a plan
Information on orders available in real time
Digital images relating to order events which can be emailed / downloaded to your device



Less incoming calls from customers as they can access the information on the portal
Discrepancies / claims managed more effectively
The portal provides another ‘shop front’ for you
Time & money saved


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What our customers say:

Efficient, optimised plans

Acumen Logistics Limited have experienced strong growth within the Finished Vehicle Logistics industry in the last 18 months. Making significant investments in modern, fit for purpose transporter equipment designed to support their clients requirements. Driven by service and quality Acumen continually lead the marketplace in adoptive technology.

To support the high quality service requirements, FleetWizard have worked closely with Acumen’s team to enhance their systems. The comprehensive Transport Management module is fully integrated with a heavily customised Mobile Working module to facilitate productivity throughout the operation and ensure customers and managers are kept informed of the status of deliveries on a real-time basis. The ground-breaking features added to the extensive base functionality include 3D view of vehicles for inspection results, blind load capability, eta status update to customers by email, text or EDI.

2 major upgrades to cope with new business wins were developed and delivered by FleetWizard to meet Acumen’s demanding timescales. FleetWizard includes a Virtual Whiteboard which facilitates planning and enables users to create and modify efficient, optimised plans which, once finalised, are transmitted to drivers’ PDAs for execution. Reporting is timely and comprehensive.

Tony Elkin, Operations Manager at Acumen, says: ‘The team at FleetWizard have responded to meet the challenging targets we set for smooth implementation of functions to support our existing and new customer requirements. FleetWizard has proved a robust yet flexible system. Whilst developing the Mobile Working module not only have I been impressed, but drivers and customers have also said how good they think it is. I’ve also been impressed with the responsive and knowledgeable support we receive.’  

Tony Elkin Operations Manager


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