Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Electronic Proof Of Delivery




Electronic Proof Of Delivery – A workflow driven mobile working application that enables you to execute your transport plans in the field and capture real time information such as POD’s, exceptions, signatures, accidents.

This is up to date with the latest situation without distracting the driver and continually update the central tracking system when they’re on the move. The customer portal enables individuals to enter and track orders throughout the process.

Interface with your existing TMS, ERP and WMS system. Simple and Intuitive to use. Installation is fast and easy.



Features – Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery (PODs)
Paperless VOSA standard vehicle checks
Configurable daily vehicle checks and photo capture
GPS Tracking of driver
Presentation of workload/jobs
Barcode scanning of product
Real-time statuses
Signature capture, ETA and departure times
Automatic emailimg of delivery documents
Non Conformance in real time
Navigation with google maps
Driver time sheets when used with TMS or Home Delivery System
Capability to integrate with other ERP, TMS and WMS systems
Web portal to track orders throughout the process


Real-time delivery/collection confirmation – Never lose a POD
Separate tracking not required
Reduces the amount you spend on printingĀ and document storage
Advance visibility of workload allowing you to manage resources more efficiently
Free up resources for proactive customer serviceĀ and management
Easier to manage claims for missing and damaged deliveries
Faster dispute resolution
Minimising customer queries with delivery documents to be automatically emailed
Improved cash flow thanks to earlier confirmed deliveries enabling earlier billing