Automatic Routing CORAS

Automatic Routing CORAS


Automatic routing and scheduling that optimally creates trips and assigns resources in a fraction of the time of a manual planning process. CORAS is highly flexible and configurable to your needs. Plan adheres to time / location constraints so you plan to succeed, therefore protecting and enhancing customer relationships.

Vehicles, traffic and customer conditions are constantly fluctuating and last minute changes therefore, inevitable. CORAS makes it easy to tweak the plans with drag & drop and re-optimise single routes. Real-time traffic information and tracking ensures that you know where delays happen and can stay on top of your game by reacting fast to the ever changing scenarios.

CORAS is also designed for easy installation and user-friendly interface to get up and running in no time!

Features – CORAS

Configurable to run across multiple resource sets and order wells
You can plan ahead of time, by depot or vehicle
Accommodates multi-drop and full load optimising
Import/Export for master data, orders and loads
Variable planning parameters available for automatic routing
Re-optimise a single route or selected set of routes after manual changes
The software can determine the most appropriate depot / site to service an order or can be constrained to use a “fixed” source location.
Track PDA or integration to existing telematics available
Driver & Vehicle availability recording
Detailed non-conformance functionality embedded to allow for complete audit trail against any consignment.


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Benefits – Real bottom line impact 

Less Miles – Lower transportation costs
Reduced carbon footprint
Less resources used and greater utilisation of existing assets
No need to change your current systems
Reduced order lead times
More flexibility to accommodate drivers and crew preferences
Better compliance with driver logs, regulations, and work rules
Improved customer experience

CORAS Automatic routing can be used with or without our user friendly mobile application.

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What our customers say:

Over 100k annual saving

Since the new system was implemented in the past 3 months these are the savings we have achieved: 1 less sales person,1 less driver ,1 less vehicle required and massive 1/3 less fuel costs monthly.

This over a year is well over 100k saving which is all clear profit on the bottom line. We now have more control over our contracts, I can keep an eye on the drivers and the sales team easily and as a result we are looking to open 2 new depots and implementing the system in those as well.

Alex Hatherall Managing Director

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