Floral Delivery Solution

Our cloud-based Floral Delivery Solution offers a simple streamlined web-based delivery product and mobile phone app to get your data organised and under your control.

No more spreadsheets, a reduction of working hours, the elimination of errors and the display of your data in real-time.

Our case study and example is based on a flower delivery operation with integration to the Interflora ordering system.


Features – Flower Delivery Solution

Integrated with Interflora Rose Gold so orders come in automatically and Interflora get real-time updates automatically
Ability to add your own orders
Professional delivery app on the mobile phone capturing signature and also photos when order is left in a safe place
Record notes when leaving orders with the neighbours
ETA emailed to customer, second email sent confirming delivery details after delivery
Optimise delivery route on the website or scan and optimise on the mobile phone app on the go
Track delivery driver
Failed deliveries go on hold until re-planned for next delivery attempt. Any notes are kept throughout


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Benefits – Real bottom line impact

Elimination of paperwork and errors reduces costs
The work in preparing and loading deliveries is halved by scanning the barcodes with your mobile phone app
Automated, optimised planning means less work, more deliveries per run and lower cost routes – consistently
Status reports to Interflora are automatic, real-time, error free and save the cost and time involved texting
Staff have instant access to the real-time status tracking of every order , ensuring control of service delivery.
Customer complaints are easily resolved with photos showing what was left where and when
All staff are more effective and accountable making management easier.
Customer communication is hugely improved, increasing satisfaction with your service. Elimination of errors means mistakes aren’t made with customer deliveries
Stress-reduction – The problems posed by massive peak load times are reduced and become manageable without stress


Streamlining our Deliveries

The FleetWizard software has made managing our business infinitely easier. We now have a complete up to the minute view of all our consignments and have the ability to give our customers a wealth of information in regards to eta of delivery, driver tracking, signatory details and order life cycle. The functionality deployed allows us to manage peak trading volumes much more efficiently than was previously the case and the vehicle scheduling capability of the software means all deliveries are planned optimally to meet guaranteed service levels. User support and training has been extremely well delivered and the seamless integration with our internal systems and our customers external systems has saved significant time and effort in what had historically been labour intensive activities.


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