Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Volumetric Concrete Delivery

FleetWizard Volumetric Concrete Delivery System is perhaps unique in the market place as it provides full transport planning functionality allied to an innovative EPOD application that enables drivers to capture details of recipes / mixes / ingredients used at the point of delivery in real time.

Cash transactions can be recorded at the delivery point or invoices can be produced with accurate values from the core system to ensure minimal invoice queries.



 Create recipes & mixes
 Running total of raw ingredients as vehicle progresses with daily work
 Delivery slots and anticipated discharge times built into the schedule to afford visibility of remaining capacity by vehicle
 Mobile working application allows accurate quantity data capture at point of offloading
 Hand held printers linked to mobile app can be deployed to allow for on-site production of delivery notes and invoices with all legislative details present
 Comprehensive tariff and cost management functionality
 Interface to accounts software

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Discrepancy management processes easier as driver is capturing accurate information in real time eg. weather conditions
Utilisation of vehicles maximised by visibility of remaining ingredients on board – add extra job(s)
 Revenue/margin by recipe identifying most profitable target market
A significant cost saving by reducing paper and duplication
Convert agreed quotes to jobs with minimum of effort
Cost management & analysis for whole supply and sales process
Improved safety, compliance and efficiency through mobile working and built in industry functions
Improved cash flow thanks to earlier confirmed collections/deliveries enabling earlier billing
Work with a vendor that understands your industry

We now offer significant discounts for selecting both aggregate and concrete delivery in an all in one package comprising

Skip-hire / Grab / Concrete Fleet – TMS + CORAS Planning Tool + Mobile Working + Customer Web Portal


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