Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

The FleetWizard waste disposal software is designed around the concept of contractual waste removal arrangements and ease of regular scheduling. By affording the user various means of managing daily/weekly activity workload can be efficiently managed ensuring customer satisfaction.

Weekly collection schedules can be created with touch of a button and contract balances are easily reviewed and updated.


Create schedules for regular collection items & auto generate collections based on the required frequency
Ad hoc collections can also be generated
Create contracts for your regular customers
Product compatibility is considered in planning. Bulk Oil, Septic, Interceptor, Grease Traps and General waste is all catered for
Planning can be drag & drop or map based with operational constraints
Vehicle management and maintenance records and schedules
Complete audit trail against any contract and consignment
Interface to accounts packages
Consignment notes generated and emailed automatically at point of collection and tipping if mobile working is utilised
Track via the mobile app, or integration with existing tracking and telematics available

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Impending contract reviews/renewals presented for action saving time
Advance visibility of workload allowing you to manage resources more efficiently
Significant reduction in miles driven
Easy Quarterly Hazardous waste reports to Environment agency

Mobile companion for the waste system has specifically designed functionality for EWC codes, adding waste and tipping waste.



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What our customers say:

Over 100k annual saving

Since the new system was implemented in the past 3 months these are the savings we have achieved: 1 less sales person,1 less driver ,1 less vehicle required and massive 1/3 less fuel costs monthly.

This over a year is well over 100k saving which is all clear profit on the bottom line. We now have more control over our contracts, I can keep an eye on the drivers and the sales team easily and as a result we are looking to open 2 new depots and implementing the system in those as well.

Alex Hatherall Managing Director

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