Saved time and increased our operational efficiency

FleetWizard has enabled Trilogy Freight to enhance our client offering by virtue of the wide range of easy to use functionality. The core “orders to invoice” capability means we can capture all revenue and costs associated with consignments entrusted to us, whilst the mobile delivery management app lets us give real time updates to our customers and in turn our customers customer. The benefits realised post-implementation have saved time and increased our operational efficiency. The GPS and integrating mapping functions have made our same day planning far more efficient and we have seen savings in staff costs and increased revenue/volume turnover through our fleet as a direct result

Jonathan Heavyside

Streamlining our Deliveries

The FleetWizard software has made managing our business infinitely easier. We now have a complete up to the minute view of all our consignments and have the ability to give our customers a wealth of information in regards to eta of delivery, driver tracking, signatory details and order life cycle. The functionality deployed allows us to manage peak trading volumes much more efficiently than was previously the case and the vehicle scheduling capability of the software means all deliveries are planned optimally to meet guaranteed service levels. User support and training has been extremely well delivered and the seamless integration with our internal systems and our customers external systems has saved significant time and effort in what had historically been labour intensive activities.


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Saving Time

We can see exactly at glance what is going on, where and who is doing jobs, where they are currently and what the status is.
This is saving a lot of phone calls.
The job booking is fast and easy and it is overall saving 1/3 of my working time compared to before.

Stuart Charles Transport Manager

We recommend Fleetwizard

We've been using Fleet Wizard for over 3 years. Their product and service are both great. It has helped to transform how we plan and track our deliveries, also how we communicate with our customers.

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Cost Saving, increased accuracy and efficiency

We have been working with FleetWizard for over seven years.  Their work has made a significant difference to our company.

H Sivyer (Transport) Ltd. was incorporated in 1978 as a waste removal service provider, aggregate supplier and haulier, based in London.  Changes in the landfill regulations prompted our move to the controlled production of recycled aggregates and recycling of variety of inert utility, construction and demolition waste at Bay Wharf in Greenwich.  We are committed to zero waste to landfill target.  We supply and deliver primary and recycled aggregates, loose and bagged, soils and concrete, using the Fleet of 120 tipper and grab trucks.  We also offer a range of waste management services – grab collection, disposal, advisory service, W.A.C. testing, Difficult and Special Waste streams.

Years ago, as our company doubled in size, we realised, that, our paper based system was no longer effective.  We transferred an order manually several times over, which was prone to errors, dictated our drivers the orders using mobile phones, which slowed drivers down, collating paperwork from various sites, again, to be entered to create invoices.  This process took days, sometimes weeks.  We knew we needed to change.  However, the ‘old school’ staff, working in our industry, were reluctant to change.

This is where FleetWizard changed our scepticism to confidence and built a bespoke system, suiting our needs.

New bookings are input on FleetWizard, for our coordinators to plan the work on the whiteboard.  These jobs are then sent to drivers’ PDAs, using a ‘traffic lights’ system.  Real time job information, including signatures and photos is captured.  Invoices are created straight away.

There are numerous benefits from using this system and we couldn’t do without it now:

  • Customer, supplier, driver, vehicle, depot and order details are all available at a click of a button, making order taking quick and accurate and reducing the need for manual data entry. This allows us to free up our resources for proactive customer service and management.
  • We don’t need order books, planning sheets, ticket books, defect sheets – saving cost by reducing paper and duplication. We increased accuracy and efficiency through fast, secure Electronic Data Management.  There is no longer any need for physical filing storage space.
  • FleetWizard also created and helped us to implement electronic Vehicle Check system. Our workshop receives real time e-mail defects notifications reported from various depots.
  • There are also numerous benefits for our drivers in using PDAs. They receive job information within seconds and complete jobs without the need to call the office.  This improved safety, compliance and efficiency.
  • The Transport team is kept up to date with the latest situation without distracting the driver, receiving real time communication and tracking, being able to deal with customer queries (i.e. giving them the Estimated Time of Arrival quickly and accurately)
  • Various Fleetwizard PDA additional functions to satisfy requirements that were made compulsory, for example Waste Transfer Notes, also improved our compliance
  • Using portable printers allowed the driver to leave the necessary paperwork required for construction, utilities and the transport industry with our customers and suppliers.
  • Completed jobs get invoiced straight after being checked, saving accounts admin’s time, increasing accuracy and improving cash flow.
  • Added value to our customers increased, producing various reports – some customers upon request receive automatic real time emails of Proof Of Delivery tickets, minimising customer’s queries.
  • Invoices are sent depending on the customer’s needs – emailed or posted with or without PODs, and transferred to our Sage accounts package at a click of a button.
  • Visibility is one of the most revolutionary benefit within our industry – all employees, depending on their responsibilities, can access all relevant information from any location.
  • FleetWizard also manage our server hosting, maintaining, backup of data and providing 24 hour support, which gives us peace of mind where security and reliability are concerned.FleetWizard’s expertise and professionalism met our objectives and we keep improving the system.  We are about to launch a Customer’s web portal, including online ordering.  We are in the process of getting Automatic planning with inbuilt Routing and Scheduling Optimisation software and planning to add other departments of our business (workshop, payroll) to the FleetWizard software.We are very satisfied with FleetWizard.  Their staff are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly, always helpful to deal with our requests, queries or problems.  We look forward to continuing our long-lasting, stable relationship with FleetWizard, and are very happy to recommend this unique company to anyone.

Since the new system was implemented in the past 3 months these are the savings we have achieved: 1 less sales person,1 less driver ,1 less vehicle required and massive 1/3 less fuel costs monthly.

This over a year is well over 100k saving which is all clear profit on the bottom line. We now have more control over our contracts, I can keep an eye on the drivers and the sales team easily and as a result we are looking to open 2 new depots and implementing the system in those as well.

Alex Hatherall Managing Director September 6, 2017

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By far the easiest to use

I first saw the system at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC Birmingham early 2008.

Our MD Mr Richard Herberts and myself had traveled to the show to specifically look at software systems that would automate our current paperwork system to electronic signatures, PDA handsets, and online customer booking.

We looked at several systems in detail and chose MSA as being the most comparable system to the way we already worked and also by far the easiest to use.

Our admin time has been significantly reduced and our response to customer queries regarding delivery times and signatures, is now instant (instead of having to wait for the driver to return to base!). The tracking ability of fleet is also very useful in locating any one of our 45 drivers and deciding which vehicle to route to a particular job.

Simon Herberts Operations Director

Efficient, optimised plans

Acumen Logistics Limited have experienced strong growth within the Finished Vehicle Logistics industry in the last 18 months. Making significant investments in modern, fit for purpose transporter equipment designed to support their clients requirements. Driven by service and quality Acumen continually lead the marketplace in adoptive technology.

To support the high quality service requirements, FleetWizard have worked closely with Acumen’s team to enhance their systems. The comprehensive Transport Management module is fully integrated with a heavily customised Mobile Working module to facilitate productivity throughout the operation and ensure customers and managers are kept informed of the status of deliveries on a real-time basis. The ground-breaking features added to the extensive base functionality include 3D view of vehicles for inspection results, blind load capability, eta status update to customers by email, text or EDI.

2 major upgrades to cope with new business wins were developed and delivered by FleetWizard to meet Acumen’s demanding timescales. FleetWizard includes a Virtual Whiteboard which facilitates planning and enables users to create and modify efficient, optimised plans which, once finalised, are transmitted to drivers’ PDAs for execution. Reporting is timely and comprehensive.

Tony Elkin, Operations Manager at Acumen, says: ‘The team at FleetWizard have responded to meet the challenging targets we set for smooth implementation of functions to support our existing and new customer requirements. FleetWizard has proved a robust yet flexible system. Whilst developing the Mobile Working module not only have I been impressed, but drivers and customers have also said how good they think it is. I’ve also been impressed with the responsive and knowledgeable support we receive.’  

Tony Elkin- Operations Manager http://www.acumenlogistics.com/

Improved accuracy – Reduced workload

A1 Automotive is an automotive logistics company specialising in the transport and storage of new and used cars and light commercial vehicles. We have been using “Fleet” software which was developed by MSA Fleetwizard for almost 10 years now. Prior to the implementation of the Fleet system we had to provide our drivers with the full collection/delivery addresses, contact numbers; not to mention load numbers, special instructions (for either collection/delivery points) and vehicle details over the telephone.

This took an inordinate amount of time to convey the information to our drivers often tying up telephone lines which mean our customers were often unable to get through to the transport office. At that time our drivers were using manual hand-written POD’s which quite often would have incorrect VIN’s and registration numbers (usually with letters/numbers transposed). With the lengthy telephone calls from drivers and the sheer volume of (often inaccurate and incomplete) paperwork being handed in by each driver our staffing levels were relatively high when compared to the number of trucks and drivers we were running at that time.

Fast forward to the current day and it’s a completely different situation. With the aid of “Fleet” we are able to keep telephone calls with our drivers down to an absolute minimum and they now receive all their job details electronically from the “Fleet” system on their company PDA’s. This has meant that POC/POD accuracy and transporter productivity has increased quite considerably. The benefits of this has meant that there are in fewer invoice queries due to the human “typo” type errors. The drivers PDA’s “talk” back to Fleet and update the status of jobs and vehicle movements immediately. The system is set up in such a way that electronic POD’s can be sent to customers via email within a few seconds of the jobs/vehicles being signed for. Invoices from the system are sent electronically via email and are imported into our accounts system which has again cut down on admin work and not to mention postage costs!

There are many other ways in which to utilise the “Fleet” system; reports, staff details, holidays, vehicle management (including fuel card) and drivers daily defect reports are also done on their PDA’s and sent directly to our workshops. The biggest plus however is the lack of and shortness of telephone calls in our traffic due to the implementation of “Fleet”…. The volume in our traffic office can more often than note be as low as that in a public library… it really has made that MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE.

Derek Horne http://www.a1automotive.co.uk/